Individual work


Very good


Regular or not satisfactory


power point presentation

(5 slides)

Report tells very clear, coherent information with excellent transitions and 5 slides. Total 20% Report is clear and tells coherent information. Total 15% Report is poorly organized, missing key concepts.Total 10% NOTE: each slide has a 4% value.5 slides X 4%=20%


Oral presentation

(3 min)

Excellent, every idea or conclusion is logically supported by relevant facts, and includes judgment. Time 3 min. Total 10% Committed  few errors causing minimal  distractionTotal 7-9% Committed many mistakes, making it difficult to understand.Total 5% NOTE: 1 and 2 minutes has a value of 33% and 3min. 34%.2min X33%=66%

+   3min = 34%



Written tests

Excellent results in both tests (2 tests of 10 items). Total 50% Good results on both exams having as a result 80-99. Total 40%-49% Considered satisfactory results having in both tests as a result of 70-79. Total 35%-39% Not satisfactory having in both tests results of 0-69. Total 0-34%




Figures / Models

All figures and models are easy to carefully done, and are clearly linked to the text. Models can be told almost entirely through figures. Total 10% All figures and models can be understood with information given and are linked to text. May need more work or creativity.Total 7-9% Figures or models are hard to understand, are not all linked to text.  Several need improvement. Several more figures are needed to tell information. Total 5% Tables are not useable as presented. Total 0-4%


Test preparation

All sources identified and referenced appropriately. Took part on preparation. Total 10% All sources identified and referenced appropriately.  Includes mostly readily available works. Total 7-9% All sources identified. Some weaknesses in referencing, such as missing incoherent information. Total 5% Sources not identified, not referenced properly, or not used. Total 0-4%