Mrs. Flor Karina Hernández Morales

Monday, February 23, 2015              Grammar         (Blue notebook)

L16 Subject and Object Pronoun pp.140, 143; L17. Pronouns and Antecedents pp.146,149; L18. Possessive Pronouns pp. 152, 155; L19. Indefinite and Reflexive Pronouns  pp. 158,161. L15. Using Who and Whom  pp. 164, 167.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015             Reading      (Orange notebook)

Vocabulary and Reading Skills see Reading Practice Book pages:  Weslandia 151-152,157; Stretching Ourselves 161-162,167; Exploding Ants 171-172, 177; The Stormi Giovanni Club 181-182, 187;  The Gymnast, 191- 192 and 194.


Wednesday, February 25, 2015.            Math     (Yellow notebook)

Variables and Expressions  p.100, Translating Words into Expressions  p.102; Interpreting Remainders  p.168, Order of Operations p.172; Congruence and Similarity  p. 360; Mixed Numbers p. 400;  Estimating Fractional Amounts p. 402, Fractions and Mixed Numbers on the Number Line p.404, Understanding Equivalent Fractions  p.410; Equivalent Fractions p.412.


Thursday, February 26, 2015        World Studies    (Purple notebook)

Chapter 5. S1 Natural Resources Key Terms p.114, Renewable Resources p.115, Nonrenewable Resources p.116, Fossil Fuels p.117. S2. Land Use Key Terms p.120, First, Second and Third Level Activities pp. 122-123, S3 People´s Effect on the Environment Key Terms p.128 Chapter 6. S1 Land and Water Key Terms p .148; Major Bodies of Water p.151 ; Major Rivers in US 152, Major Rivers in Canada.  S2. Climate and Vegetation Key Terms p. 156.  S3. Resources and Land Use Key Terms p.163


Writing. (Printed Projects)

Write a three paragraph writing using Journal Entry p.151, Refer to the Text page 144, Showing Mood, p 156, Showing Good Conclusions p.162, Writing for Tests p.169.

*The first and second drafts are done in advance, and revised so the final work can be done in class on Thursday, February 16, without the errors already remarked.

Monday, March 2, 2015.            Health        (Green Notebook)

Chapter 6. L1.Violence in Your World Voc.  p. 172, In the Know About Violence p.174; L2. Help Prevent Violence  Voc. p. 176, What to Do If Someone Threatens You p.177, L3 Surviving Violence, Zero-tolerance policy p.183 . Chapter 7 L1 .Causes of Disease Voc.p. 190, Some Diseases Can be Inherited p.191; L2. Pathogens and Communicable Diseases Voc. p 194, How Pathogens enter the Body p.198; L3. Disease and the Immune Systems p.200.

Spelling      (Red notebook)

L1. Words from Many Cultures p 61. L2. Homophones p. 69. L3.Suffixes –ible,-able, p. 73. L4. Negative Prefixes  p. 77. L5. Multisyllabic Words p. 81. For each list study meanings of words.