Miss Fernanda Gálvez Armendariz


Monday, February 23th, 2015              Math     (Yellow notebook)

Counting Money                                  Textbook pg. 30

Making Change                                   Textbook pg. 31

Adding Whole numbers

and money                                              Textbook pg. 76

Column Addition                                  Textbook pg. 80

Multiplying two digit numbers        Textbook pg. 332

Multiplying greater numbers            Textbook pg. 336

Line plots                                               Textbook pg. 206

Bar graphs                                            Textbook pg. 208

Perimeter                                              Textbook pg. 464

Area                                                       Textbook pg. 468

Review                                       Notebook


Tuesday, February 24th,  2015                   Reading   (Orange notebook)

Vocabulary                                                       Workbook p 154164,1744,184,194

Compare and Contrast                                   Workbook p 153 163

Character and Setting                                    Workbook p 173

Graphic Source                                                Workbook p 183

Literary elements Plot                                    Workbook p. 193



Wednesday, February 25th , 2015                Grammar   (Blue notebook)

Singular and Plural Nouns                           Workbook p 140

Subject and Object Pronouns                       Workbook p 146

Pronouns and Antecedents                           Workbook p 152

Possessive pronouns                                       Workbook p 158

Contractions and Negatives                        Workbook p 164

Review                                                                Notebook


Thursday February 26th 2015                     Spelling (Red notebook)

Contractions                                                    Workbook p 61

Final le, al, en                                                  Workbook p 65

Words with final er, ar                                   Workbook p 69

Consonants /j/, /ks/, and /kw/                 Workbook p 73

Prefixes –un,-dis, and in                               Workbook p 77

Meanings                                                           Red notebook


Thursday, February 26th, 2015                  Health (Green notebook)

Chapter 4 Fitness and Activity                  Presentation (theme would be assigned)

Chapter 5 Safe at Home                           Presentation (them would be assigned)


Monday, March 2nd , 2015                     Social Studies (Purple notebook)

Chapter 6 The Land of the Southeast     Presentation (theme would be assigned)

Chapter 7 People and Events

That Shaped the Southeast                     Presentation (theme would be assigned)

Monday, March 2nd , 2015                   Writing

Writing a Story                                       Final Draft