Fourth Period Exam Schedule for 3rd Grade A,B and C


MONDAY .   March 4th,2013.       MATH: Chapter 5 And Chapter 6. Multiplication as Repeated Addition p.261. Arrays p.264 Make a Table p.271 . Factor 2 p.276 .Factor 5 p. 280 .Factor 10 p. 282. Multiply with 0 And 1 p. 287. Factor 9 p. 288. Factor 3 p.316. Factor 4 p. 318. Factors 6 and 7 pp. 321-322. Factor 8 p.325. Multiply with Three Factors p.342. Find a Rule p.345. Practicebook pages 59-61, 63-69, 71-75 and 79 and 80.


TUESDAY. March 5th, 2013.  READING:  Mom’s Best Friend (Text Structure) pp.315-322. Brave as a Mountain Lion (visualizing)  pp.332-348. Your Dad Was Just Like You (generalizing) practice book pages, 122-123,132-133,142-143 plus the exams in the blue folder.



Verbs in Sentences pp.58-59, Verb Tenses: Present, Past , Future pp. 62-63, Forms of Regular Verbs.pp. 67-68., Forms of Irregular Verbs pp. 72 and 74.


THURSDAY . March 7th,2013. SPELLING:  Suffixes  -er, -or, and -ist.  p 49, Suffixes -ful, -ly, -tion, and -sion. P 53, Words with ch,sh,and th. P. 57


HEALTH: Chapter 4 Activity for a Healthy Body. Lesson 1 . Keeping Your Body fit. Pp 86-90. Lesson 2. Staying Safe While Exercising pp. 92-97. Lesson 3 . Rest and Sleep for Health pp.100-102.  Chapter 5 Keeping Safe . Lesson 1 Being Responsible for Your Safety pp.108-110. Lesson 2. Safety Around Others pp. 112-115. Lesson 3 Safety on Wheels pp. 118-120. CHILDREN DO A PRESENTATION IN POWER POINT AND SEND IT TO A GIVEN MAIL IN ADVANCE, AS WELL AS IN USB.


FRIDAY. March 8th, 2013. PHONICS: Base Words pp.61-63, Suffixes ness, ly and ous, pp. 66-68, Digraphs ph,ch,sh, and th, pp. 71-73. Consonant Blends pp 76-78.


SOCIAL STUDIESChapter 4 . Celebrations. Lesson 1 . Celebrating Cultures pp. 104-109. Lesson 2 . Celebrating a Community’s Past pp.115-117. Lesson 3 . Celebrations Across Our Nation pp.121-123. An African Thankgiving pp 124-125. Chapter 5 . Community Environment. Lesson1 . What Is Your Community’s Environment pp143-147. Lesson 2. Living in Different Climates pp.151-155. Lesson 3.  Communities and Resources pp. 161-165. CHILDREN DO A PRESENTATION IN POWER POINT AND SEND IT TO A GIVEN MAIL IN ADVANCE. ALSO IN USB.