Mrs. Martha Cecilia Hernandez Ochoa

Wednesday,November 5th,  2014                    Math/ Social Studies


Chapter 1 . Section B Building Number Sense.

Comparing and Ordering Numbers WB p.5, Rounding Numbers WB p. 6, The Size of Numbers WB p. 7, Using Money to Understand Decimals WB p. 9, Counting Money WB pg 10, Making Change WB pg 11. Study from the review and workbook.

Social Studies:

Unit 1.The Northeast

Study from the review.

Thursday, November 6th,  2014                          Reading

Reread the story “The Horned Toad Prince” p. 92-105, “What Jo Did”

p. 146-155, “Coyote School News”, p. 166-183. Study from the review.

Study the vocabulary words with their definitions: riverbed, favor, prairie, lassoed, bargain, offended, shrieked, fouled, hoop, jersey, marveled, rim, speechless, swatted, unbelievable, bawling, coyote, dudes, roundup, spurs.

 Friday , November 7th , 2014                   Grammar  

Subjects and Predicates, Compound Sentences, Clauses and Complex Sentences, Common and Proper Nouns, Regular Plural Nouns, Irregular Plural Nouns.

Study from the review.

Monday,  November 10, 2014                       Spelling

Spelling:.  Study the list of 40 words in their red notebook)

 Tuesday, November 11, 2014                                 Health

Chapter 2. Personal Health

Chapter 3. Food and Your Health

Study from the review.